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By Lauren Fruen

A RESCUE puppy dubbed Picasso due to his wonky features has finally found a new home – and is now working as a therapy dog.

The corgi pitbull-terrier mix – who was born with a twisted nose and jaw – had been dumped at a centre for unwanted dogs in California when he was picked up by Liesl Wilhardt.

He was rescued alongside his brother, later named Pablo, by Luvable Dog Rescue founder Liesl.

Pic from Luvable Dog Rescue/Caters News

The brothers had been facing euthanasia when Liesl took them back to her shelter in Oregon in February this year.

Tragically just months after being saved Pablo died of a brain aneurysm leaving Picasso, who is just over a year old, completely alone.

Now Picasso lives with Liesl and her nine other rescued dogs at her home where he is training to help those with disabilities.

Liesl – who founded Luvable Dog Rescue 18 years ago – said: “Picasso is a very special dog, with an exceptional temperament.

“I just fell in love with him as soon as I saw him.

“He is training as a certified therapy dog and also serves as a Luvable Dog Rescue ambassador.

“He lives in my home with nine other rescued dogs.

“Picasso is courageously going forward with his therapy and service dog training without his brother by his side for the first time in his life.

Pic from Luvable Dog Rescue/Caters News

“When Pablo died it was absolutely heartbreaking. They were so close. They had always been together.

“I decided to bring him to my home and integrate him into my pack of dogs. I couldn’t face the thought of him being alone.

“He is a real survivor – he has survived his birth defect, living on the streets, the shelter and losing his brother.

“He has made new friends. This is his new family.

Pic from Luvable Dog Rescue/Caters News

“Picasso’s jaw just grew crooked. The vets say he isn’t in any pain from it. It can sometimes make his eating difficult but other than that he is fine.

“We are now working towards getting him officially trained as a rescue dog. He is working with people who are ill or who need help.

“I love this boy so much, and he’s had a hell of a rough life so far. I want the rest of his life to be amazing.”