Offbeat Video

By Ben Walley

A sarcastic teacher read out some of his hilarious ‘thank you’ cards delivered to students ahead of Thanksgiving including ‘thank you so much for pointing out my zipper was down in class’.

Joshua R. McGregor sat down in Woodland Intermediate School in Appleton, Wisconsin, USA, to write some notes for his pupils outlining some of the scenarios that have played out in the first school term.

Starting with a story, the 27-year-old thanks ‘Tommy’ for asking for clarification three times as it really helps him to repeat himself multiple times.

The self-styled ‘Mr Mac’ then proceeds to tell ‘Clare’ how much he appreciates answering her multiple emails outside of school hours to instructions he has already given.

Hilariously, Joshua then thanks ‘Anna’ for pointing out his bad breath in class and suggesting he needs to practice ‘good hygiene’.

Joshua said: “All of the events are real and have happened over the years, but the names were made up on the spot.

“I love my job and students, but sometimes they say and do things that make me shake my head.

“They can get tiresome, but I wanted to make a good-natured video to put myself in my students’ shoes and see things from their side.”

Despite making up names for the pupils, his class have still tried to work out which ones are about them.

Joshua said: “They’ve had fun trying to figure out which one is about them and creating new ones I could have used.

“We like to goof around and joke in my class, so they came up with a few thank you notes of their own to get back at me.

“Teachers get a bad reputation sometimes.

“We’re old, out of touch with pop culture, etc.

“I do these things to show my kids that we teachers are hard workers and we will do weird stuff to connect with them and make their time at school relevant.”