Video Viral

By Luke Kenton

This silver-tonged blogger managed to blag his way into the MTV European Music Awards with nothing more than the ‘gift of the gab’, despite not having a ticket.

Rising YouTube star, Simon Wilson, is beginning to make a real name for himself online as an event infiltrating virtuoso, having already snuck his way into the 2017 Emmy Awards and managing to gatecrash Connor McGregor’s ring-walk during his bout against Floyd Mayweather.

This time though, Simon set his sights slightly closer to home and by chance finding himself in London at the same time as the MTV’s European Music Awards, the young blogger couldn’t resist the chance to try and charm his way into one more exclusive event.

With relative ease Simon manages to sneak his way in through a side-entrance at the Wembley Arena, and after engaging in some small talk with a steward, incredibly he finds himself backstage surrounded by A-list celebrities.

Hilariously, Simon is none the wiser who most of them are though, proclaiming ‘I’m the wrong person to come to this kind of thing’ failing to realise he’s eavesdropping on a conversation between rumored couple Shaun Mendes and Hailey Baldwin.


U2, Jared Leto, Paul Pogba, Liam Payne and Stormzy all made appearances with the latter even stopping to shake Simon’s hand as thanks for congratulating him on his performance.

Ending the night with a bizarre encounter with Jedward, Simon is left gleaming in disbelief that he’s ‘managed to do it again’.

Simon, who’s Instagram handle is @simonjwils, said: “There is never any planning involved with these videos, I was just down in London and thought I’d try to find my way in.

“It’s literally just a case of going with the flow and overcoming every hurdle that arises.

“I wasn’t nervous at all really, it’s all about confidence.

“The funny part was I didn’t realise who most of them were till afterwards.

“It was only after looking on Instagram later that it had been David Guetta that I got a selfie with.

“I even thought about trying to sneak into one of the celebrity after parties, but I’d had enough for one night.

“I’ve got a lot of similar trips planned for the future, so you’ll have to subscribe to my YouTube channel to find out more.”

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