Amazing Video

By Charlotte Regen 

A waddle of penguins were spotted enjoying their home for the winter as they leap out of the ocean onto the ice. 

The energetic bunch were captured on camera by Miles Clark, in Paradise Bay on the Antarctic Penisula, where he was working as a ski guide, last Friday. 

The Gentoo penguins make the antarctic their home for the winter months as they begin their nesting season, after many months in the Southern Ocean.

Miles said: “I’ve never seen anything like this before and it was the coolest thing I’ve ever seen.  

“The group I was with were screaming and laughing for about 30 minutes while we watched.

“Penguins are ninjas in the water and completely comical on land, they have no fear of humans.

“At least 3,000 penguins were arriving at the time, but by the end of there would be tens of thousands.”

Miles was there as a ski guide for the Ice Axe Expedition, that starts in Ushuaia, Argentina, as the travellers make their way to the Antarctic Peninsula on a 100 mile cruise ship, for six days of skiing.  

Mile said: “This ski trip is as exotic as they get.  

“With icebergs, glaciers, orcas, humpbacks, four types of penguins, seals, leopard seals, mountains, sunshine, all sorts of birds including albatross, and more.  

“This year’s trip was simply epic!”