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By Katy Gill 

This bearded dragon has a fierce love for its owner – nodding and waving to show her affection. 

Kimi, a German Giant and Hypo Het Trans Citrus cross dragon, repeatedly bows her head and puts her leg in the air when owner Louise Wong asks if she loves her. 

Louise, from Malaysia, claims the dragon picked up the trick all by herself after sitting on her owner’s stomach in the morning became a routine. 

In further shows of affection, Kimi also smiles when asked. 

Louise, founder of Beardiemama Bearded Dragon Pet Care Services, said: “In the morning we got into a routine where Kimi would lie on my stomach and I would talk to her after she woke up. 

PIC FROM Caters News

“I found that she actually likes me talking to her, especially when I tell her I love her. 

“Asked whether she loves me back, she nodded once at first and then waved to me as if she understood me. 

“Just to confirm that, I asked her again and she nodded twice and waved to show me again. 

“Sometimes when I ask her to smile she will do that as well and she has the sweetest and most irresistible smile of all. 

“I haven’t trained her to do this, it just happened. I only realised she got my message when she started smiling.  

“There may be lots of people who think that reptiles are just cold blooded animals that don’t show their affection or feelings but I do believe they have feelings and know when they are loved.”