Animals Video

By Charlotte Regen

This poor alpaca really got it in the neck – as it was fleeced of all its wool.

After her annual shearing Ember the alpaca was left looking a lot more trim, with barely any hair covering her.

As she peers inquisitively into a camera her thin neck leaves her furry head looking like an oversized lollipop.

PIC FROM Caters News

The video was taken by Lucy Ackers at her farm in Loddon, Norfolk, shortly after her five-year-old alpaca Ember had been sheared.

Lucy, who owns 20 alpacas, said: “With Ember it quite literally love at first sight. There was something about her face and her eyes that caught me and then I could not stop thinking about her.

“As soon as my other half came home that day, I showed him some photos and there was very little discussion.

“I get on very well with Ember’s owner and we’ve since become friends and I actually now own three alpacas I got from them!

“Even though I know what to expect at shearing, seeing an alpaca after their fleece is removed never gets old.

PIC FROM Caters News

“Ember went in being as fluffy as can be and came out looking so ridiculous.

“She was one of the ones that I could not take seriously. Every time I looked at her I laughed.

“Her head suddenly seemed so out of proportion, especially as she has such beautiful long ears.

“Ember was also pregnant at the time of shearing and when her fleece was removed, we could finally see her baby alpaca kicking around in her tummy.”

Alpacas are sheared before the summer to prevent them becoming uncomfortable in the heat.

Their wool can then be collected and used for clothing.

Lucy said: “We shear once a year for a couple of reasons. One is welfare, as having a fleece that is too long or heavy can cause an alpaca distress, especially in the hotter summer months.

“We typically shear in May time, so that they are cool for the warmer weather but have enough time to grow sufficient fleece to keep nice and warm in the winter months.

“It’s a quick job and with a good routine and team, causes no harm and stress to the animals.

“We also shear because alpaca wool is incredible, and more valuable than sheep wool. It is very similar in quality to cashmere and as it doesn’t contain lanolin it’s also hypoallergenic.”