By Luke Johnston 

This baby rhino got super nosy when he started investigating this tortoise.

And after scaring the poor reptile to death in the road, it appeared to try and encourage it out of the way of the traffic.

Steve Brand / Caters News

As mum waiting impatiently glancing over her should, her baby nudged several times at the withdrawn tortoise.

Finally, satisfied his new friend was on its way, the rhino trotted off down the road.

The cute pictures were taken by operations manager Steve Brand, from Johannesburg in South Africa, in the Pilanesberg National Park.

Steve Brand / Caters News

Steve said: “My honest opinion was that the rhino was curious about this little creature walking in the road that it had to investigate.

“The moment was rather big so only after everything did I notice that the calf pushed the tortoise out the road which could maybe have been the intent.

“But irrespective of the intent, this is so cute and such a big moment to see that interaction.

“The mom continued with grazing as she moved on and every now and then turned back to the calf as if to say ‘let’s go.’

Steve Brand / Caters News

“He joined his mom again for a short while then returned as if to say ‘okay, see you later’, gave a last push then returned to mom and continued on with her.

“We were actually out looking for big cats but kept coming across rhinos, and we were not interested until we turned a corner and saw this beautiful calf and his mum.

“I have never seen anything like this before and that is what made this moment so special. It was a first for me and a moment I will cherish.”