Video Viral

By Tui Benjamin

An Australian motorist forced to drive 20 minutes with a giant spider inches from her face may now have to SELL her car – after being terrorised by the arachnid for a second time.

Bianca Merrick went viral after sharing footage of the huge 10cm huntsman spider clinging to the inside of her Volkswagen Golf directly above her head as she drove.
The traumatised 24-year-old, from Coffs Harbour, New South Wales, thought her encounters with the gargantuan insect were over after it disappeared from the vehicle.
But Bianca has now shared an even more horrifying video after coming eye to eye with the eight-legged interloper while she drove for a second time.

Pic from Caters News


The food truck worker said: “I couldn’t believe the same thing happened twice.
“After I couldn’t find it the morning after it appeared the first time, I was super confident it was no longer in the car and had got out.
“But as I parked up last night, it came out from the passenger side and started crawling up the passenger window right at me.
“I couldn’t believe how unlucky I was. It was moving at me and had such long legs, it was disgusting.
“I was just freaking out, every time I looked at it I felt absolutely sick. I thought ‘if it lands on me, I am dead’.
“I could see how hairy it was. It was as big as my hand, about 10cm in diameter.
“I’ve decided I’m keeping my windows closed every time I drive now, and just using the air cooler.
“I’m a bit worried it could have left a nest before we got rid of it – maybe I’ll have to think about selling my car.”
In Bianca’s original viral video, the huge insect can be seen on the car’s sun visor before turning the camera to herself and mouthing ‘what the f**k?’

Pic from Caters News

After she couldn’t find the critter the next day, she continued to drive her car daily in the knowledge it had apparently fled before it ran at her as she parked up at home last night (TUES).
Bianca said: “Last week when I spotted it I was about five minutes into the journey.
“Obviously I was petrified, I didn’t know what to do. If I pulled over and tried to flick it out I was scared I would flick it onto me which would have been even worse.
“So I decided to continue the whole way home, which was at least another 20 minutes.
“This time I got my dad to help me get it out of the car and set it free. A lot of people were like ‘kill it with fire’ but we value our insects in this household.
“I have been living in Melbourne for the last five years and just moved back here, so I forgot how much nature there is around. I’m constantly getting bitten by things, there’s leeches – it’s crazy.
“But this whole thing is definitely the scariest spider experience I’ve ever had.”