By Mollie Mansfield

A doting fiancé of a double amputee has captured dozens of idyllic photographs featuring her as a model.

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Hülya Durmaz, 34, was born with deformed hands and legs and when she was 18-years-old she was forced to have both her legs amputated to improve her quality of life.

And after meeting now fiancé, Dennis, 33, in 2015, they have turned her disability into art by taking a series of candid photographs of Hülya.

The couple, from Stuttgart, Germany, have created artistic scenes with a number of beautiful backdrops, from posing on a chair with her prosthetics beside her, to being placed inside a wheelbarrow.

All of Dennis’s photographs aim to illustrate Hülya’s journey and how disabilities can be highlighted in a variety of shots.

Caters News

Hülya, a course manager, said: “I never thought about pursuing modelling until I fell in love with Dennis.

“But now he is my only photographer and I am his only model.

“Dennis is a passionate photographer and he decided we should do something.

“He thought that my story could help other people in the same situation as I have never had any issues with how I look and that might help people.

“I am perfectly fine with who I am, and we thought that my attitude could help others.

“The inspiration for the shots come from anywhere– we have a big garden and upon seeing our wheelbarrow, Dennis thought it would be a cool idea to put me in it and take some pictures.

“We take photographs anywhere though. Sometimes we drive and stop and take some photographs, or we plan to take photos at the beach.

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“We take a lot of photos just walking around Germany of my day-to-day life too.

Hülya was born with deformed hands and legs, however it wasn’t until she was 18-years-old that she had to have both of her legs amputated due to infection.

Hülya said: “I spent most of my life until I was six-years-old in and out of hospital, having more than 20 operations on my legs.

“Thanks to the operations, the doctors were able to fix my legs so I was able to walk.

“But when I was 18, some of the screws used to fix my bones got infected, and I was left battling sepsis, blood poisoning.

“This meant that I had to have both of my infected legs amputated above the knee, and I was left with short stumps.

“However now I am able to walk with prosthetic legs!”

Since sharing their photographs online, Hülya and Dennis have received an array of positive feedback with thousands of followers.

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Hülya added: “Lots of disabled people from all over the world write to me on a daily basis now – which is great as I have never had contact with other amputees before.

“I can now see that I am able to make a small difference and give people hope who are facing the same challenges, and that is amazing.

“People do stare at us a lot when we are out and especially when I’m not wearing my legs – but we both think it’s funny.

“We are not ashamed and are always open to talk about it when people have questions. My body comes in all different forms and sizes, so it must be strange for people to see someone with half a body and ‘strange’ hands.

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“But it is great that our photographs are making a difference and are showing people my unique disability.”