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By Ben Walley 

A three-year-old girl has an epic ear ringing meltdown over a carwash.

George Rologas, 32, was en route to get his car hand washed earlier this year when his daughter, Alexia Rologas, three, started to freak out.

Pic from Caters News

The stay at home dad was driving to a local shopping centre to get the family car cleaned when Alexia became hysterical.

She spent 10 minutes crying before she finally calmed down.

It’s safe to say, George, from Broadview, South Australia, won’t be getting his car cleaned again anytime soon.

George said: “Her reaction to getting the car cleaned was completely unexpected, especially because it was a hand wash.

“She was a bit upset the last time we went through to auto car wash but nothing like this.

Pic from Caters News

“I haven’t take her to the car wash since and she gets upset whenever we drive past a car wash and says, “we no wash daddy car today.”

George claims that it took 10 minutes before Alexia finally calmed down as she realised she wasn’t going into the auto wash machine.

He added: “I think she thought it was an automatic wash where she’d be in the car and she was really scared.

“The workers asked if she was okay and I quickly got her out of the car

“Once we got out of the car and she realised she wasn’t going in an auto wash, she calmed down.

“And when she saw the car clean and we got back in the car, she was happy.”