Animals Video

By Kirstie Sutheran

You may be able to teach your dog tricks, but what about a betta fish?

This talented fish has been taught by its owner to jump through hoops.

Pic from Jane Tsai / Caters News

Jane Tsai, 26, from Columbus, Ohio, USA, has been teaching 10 week old Max the trick for almost three weeks.

Jane, a law student, said: “I started with teaching her to follow my finger, which I did by putting my finger against the glass, then dropping food right on top of it.

“After she began doing that consistently, I began sticking small bits of freeze-dried blood worms to my fingertip and holding it above the surface of the water, and she quickly learned to jump out of the water to get it.

Pic from Jane Tsai / Caters News

“After that, I held a hoop with my finger in it so she would jump through the hoops and get treats off my finger.

“In the future I might try to teach her to push a small floating ball through a ring.

“I decided to Max tricks as I recognised after I first got her that she seemed quite inquisitive and brave.

“She loves exploring new toys and changes in her environment, and is very smart and fearless, so I wasn’t surprised that she managed to learn this trick.”