Amazing Video

By Charlotte Regen

This unbelievable footage captured at the viewpoints of the Mount Kelimutu, Indonesia, show three incredible colour-changing lakes.

Pic by Milosh Kitchovitch / Caters News

The three crater lakes are situated atop Mount Kelimutu, and are all startling different colours – one is aqua, one is light blue, and another is a deep brown colour.

The lakes frequently change colour, and visitors can never be sure what colour the lakes will be when they visit.

The colour changes are a result of chemical reactions cause by minerals contained in the lake, which is thought to be triggered by volcanic gas activity.

Pic by Milosh Kitchovitch / Caters News

Milosh Kitchovitch from Montreal, Canada captured the footage on his travels through Indonesia.

Milosh said:  “Even though they didn’t change colour in front of my eyes, it was interesting to see three different craters next to each other with completely different colours.

“I’ve heard lots about the colour-changing lakes before, so I was really eager to see it for myself.

“I couldn’t believe how three crater lakes that were so close to each other could look so completely different.

Pic by Milosh Kitchovitch / Caters News

“I thought it was an amazing experience to visit such an extraordinary place.

“This was the first time I visited Kelimutu and I’d love to visit again.