Offbeat Video

By Mikey Jones

This boat can climb itself onto the shore and back down again, thanks to its metallic ‘legs’.

The boat landing system, the MaxGate, allows boats to climb themselves onto the shore thanks to their legs that jump forward.

PIC BY Hard Drive Marine / CATERS NEWS

The legs, which work as ‘spikes’, grip onto the shore to allow the boat to climb onto the sand.

Tom Day, a self-taught boat designer, from Washington, designed the MaxGate product after stumbling across what he thought was a design flaw in another product.

Tom, 55, said: “I have always believed to take more notice when something seems to be wrong and look for something right.

“This forces me out of the blinders and open to new ideas – like the MaxGate!

“With the articulating hydraulic powered spikes, the operator can walk the boat up or off the beach.

PIC BY Hard Drive Marine / CATERS NEWS

“So if the tide is coming in or out, you can avoid getting stuck on the beach or the boat drifting away.

“It is managed with a wireless remote so the operator can manoeuvre the boat from a great distance away.

“Once the deck has been loaded with cargo, you can avoid using the motors to pull the heavy boat off the beach – avoiding the risk of damage to the propellers and cooling system.

“The spikes also can be used to anchor the boat in a constant position at the beach against wind or tide.”