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By Tui Benjamin

Incredible aerial footage shows dozens of deadly saltwater crocodiles lurking in the water at Australia’s most infamous river crossing.

Jason van Miert / Caters News

Photographer Jason van Miert was shocked at just how many of the dangerous reptiles were visible from a bird’s eye view of notorious Cahill’s Crossing in Kakadu National Park when he visited the Northern Territory last month.

Jason van Miert / Caters News

The 31-year-old’s dramatic drone video shows motorists risking their lives to drive through the water – where numerous fatalities have been reported – just metres from the crocs.

New Zealand-born Jason, who is travelling Australia in a campervan and is currently in Perth, said: “At high tide, all the crocodiles just congregate at the crossing because the fish swim down the river.

“So the crocs just sit there waiting for the fish at that point – there are heaps of them there.

“It’s a real hot spot to see salties and a lot of people visit to do just that – you can sit on the side to count all the crocs.

Jason van Miert / Caters News

“I expected there to be that many crocodiles, but putting the drone up really put it in perspective. I was really excited.

“You see people crossing in their vehicles and everyone was holding their breath while they are crossing.

“The water was only about 50cm deep this day but it is a dangerous crossing and people do get pushed off the crossing by the water.”

Former electrician turned full-time photographer Jason, originally from Wellington, NZ, visited Cahill’s Crossing in mid-October.

The submerged crossing is infamous for its croc-infested waters and is a notorious feeding ground for the reptiles.

Jason van Miert / Caters News

It is considered one of the most dangerous bodies of water in Australia with numerous deaths reported there over the years.

While there are warning signs pointing out the risk of saltwater croc attacks, fishermen and tourists have been snapped risking their lives to pose for pictures in the water.