By Charles Creasey

  A ‘thoughtless’ parker got their comeuppance after allegedly dumping their car over a garage entrance – when staff used a forklift truck to PICK UP a hatchback and move it.

Mechanic Raja Rahim spotted two forklift truck drivers complaining they were ‘blocked out’ by a car parked over their work entrance in Birmingham while on his break last week.

Rather than waiting for the owner, the 40-year-old was stunned when the duo ‘solved’ the problem and proceeded to pick up the Toyota Yaris and neatly positioning it into a space on the opposite side of the road.

Dad-of-five Raja admits it was probably for the best that he didn’t stay long enough to see the reaction of the commuter who returned to find their car mysteriously moved.

‘Hilarious’ footage shows the forklift picking up the grey Toyota, turning in the road, and placing it perfectly in line with the cars on the other side.

Raja said: “I think it’s hilarious. It’s just so funny. The guy asked me if it was my car and if I could get it moved but I told him it wasn’t.

“Half an hour passed then somebody just came with a forklift from the other entrance. Then they just picked it up and placed it over on the other side.”

Raja thinks that the commuter may have been attempting to dodge parking fares in Birmingham city centre.

Raja said: “We’re really close to the city centre and people don’t like paying for parking. I admit it is too expensive. I think it can be up to £10 or something.

“I just thought it was quite funny to be honest. We have customers who park next to next door’s shutters. We tell them not to but they do it every day.

“I think a colleague of the forklift driver was there just hanging around with him. They waited for a bit of time then they must have just decided that they had to do that.

“I admit parking like that was quite a thoughtless thing to do. They parked right in front of the shutters.

“I didn’t wait for the driver to see their reaction but I really wanted to. I didn’t really have time. I had to carry on working.

“I think he would have been confused because it was facing the other way on the other side of the road.

“As I recall after I took the video I think I just jumped in my car and drove off.”

Raja shared the footage on social media, where it went viral and received more than 22,000 views.

Raja said: “It’s had a lot of reactions on social media. Half the people are saying he should have moved it to another road but if it was me finding my car like that I would have probably found it funny.

“Though I wouldn’t have moved if it wasn’t my fault but that man could see the shutters so it was obviously thoughtless because he parked in front of someone’s entrance.”

Mark Map wrote: “We’ve got w*****s like that here. The k**b heads just park up and go across the road. One day I will drop the f*****s car sideways into the farm gate.”

Hassan Khan wrote: “You should have called me I’ve got a forklift licence.”

Teijab Uddin wrote: “That is too funny.”

Fraser Farr wrote: “You need the video of when they come back.”