Offbeat Video

By Jack Williams

Fellow pet rescuers would be left red, gold and green with envy at this performance, as in a heart-stopping moment a pair of brave individuals rappelled down a five-story building in order to save stranded chameleon.

Footage of the rescue shows the frightened lizard stuck to the corner of the structure, with SMART Los Angeles staff needed to get inventive in order to save the animal.


Rappeling down the building, Armando Navarrette of SMART LA said, was the safest way to approach the rescue, as hanging out of the fifth-floor window would come with its own complications.

Instead, rescuers Hoang Dinh and Ramon Garcia headed down the building before using nets to capture the lizard.

Having safely secured the chameleon, named Chamey, Hoang and Ramon continued to ground level, where the animal was later reunited with its owners.

Armando, speaking of the November 2, 2017, rescue, said: “Some of the dangers or worries with this type of rescue is that the animal moves out of reach or falls.


“Chameleons aren’t like cats, for example, that can most-likely land on their feet.

“Patience is always a preferred tool.

“Our team had rescued a chameleon and a few iguanas from trees in the past, but never from the side of a building five stories up.”