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By Kirstie Sutheran

A man who took on a meal that was laden with over 4,000 calories described it as just an everyday meal.

Blake Horton, a 35-year-old sales professional from New Jersey, enjoys live streaming himself eating epic meals and describes them as unhealthy-looking healthy meals.

PIC FROM Caters News

The Instagram star has stuck to an intermittent fasting diet for the last four years after losing 60 pounds.

He said: “This wasn’t a challenge. This was dinner, it was roughly 4,400 calories.

“I’ve been doing intermittent fasting for over four years, One meal a day for over three years.

“I burn roughly 4,000 calories a day and was low in calories from the day before, this meal was just to maintain weight.”

PIC FROM Caters News

The meal consisted of 12 Italian Bakery Rolls topped with Sweet Potato Mash, 1.3 lbs of broccoli, stuffing, fat-free gravy, turkey & chicken.

It was all topped with a sugar-free jam as Blake dislikes cranberry sauce and all washed down with no calorie juice.

He said: “I felt fine afterward, again, this wasn’t a challenge, it was a nutritious meal.

“I eat before bed and digest while resting, so I felt like going to sleep.

“It was delicious, I’ve made very similar meals before.”

You can follow Blake on Instagram: @blake_201