By Lauren Fruen

THIS incredible tilting observatory offers daredevils breathtaking downward views of Chicago from a thousand feet up.

TILT at 360 Chicago is an enclosed, glass and steel moveable platform that leans forward from 94 floors up.

Pic by 360 Chicago/Caters News

Those behind the vertigo inducing attraction says it offers “thrill-seekers an exciting, safe way to take in unsurpassable views of the city, from a never-before-seen angle”.

Up to eight people can brave the platform as it slowly tilts outward.

It offers visitors to the building – formerly the John Hancock Center –  in the Windy City the chance to really lean over the edge.

The window – made from several layers of reinforced, shatter-resistant glass and precision fabricated steel- descends 30 degrees out over the side of the building.

Pic by 360 Chicago/Caters News

Patrick Abisseror, CEO of Montparnasse 56 Group, the owner of 360 CHICAGO and the leading operator of observation decks said: “We had a vision for elevating the experience, and providing memories for guests that will last a lifetime.”

General Manager Nichole Williamson added: “The observatory has long been a place of discovery for visitors and

locals interested seeing the views, and who also share a love of history, architecture, and even urban planning.

Pic by 360 Chicago/Caters News

“For us, the entire new system identity – 360 CHICAGO – reflects the vibrant experience of what one can find here.”

Around half a million travellers from all over the world visit 360 CHICAGO every year and are able to see four states from there – Illinois, Indiana, Michigan and Wisconsin.