Video Viral

By Bethany Gleave

A mum-of-three claims her ‘jealous’ pet parrot hates her husband and is trying to REPLACE him as ‘man of the house’ – even imitating his voice to calm their toddler by sternly telling him to stop crying.

Hayley Kirby-Bulner, from Weyhill, Hampshire, says she had been unable to calm 16-month-old son Leon during a 45 minute ‘meltdown’ on Wednesday night – before her parrot got involved.


Hilarious footage shows the moment 11-year-old parrot Gobby points his claw at the tot and repeatedly says ‘stop it’ and ‘no’ until little Leon stops crying.

The 41-year-old business owner claims the parrot ‘wants to be like’ her husband Karsten, 43, so much that he imitates his voice and even attacks him when he comes home.

Unbelievably, Gobby ‘helps’ the mum in many situations, as footage also shows him encouraging the youngster to eat all his food at dinner time.

Hayley said: “I personally think he is jealous. He imitates his voice and uses phrases that he uses so he must want to be like him.

“I think he just wants to be the only man in the house and that’s why he imitates his voice and why he seems to try to get involved with parenting.

“Gobby doesn’t make a sound when Karsten is at home. He doesn’t even whistle or squeak.

“Karsten knows that he does speak because whenever he rings me and I’m chatting to him on the phone Gobby is in the background chatting quite loudly.

“Me and Karsten got him together so it isn’t like I introduced Karsten into Gobby’s life and he is unfamiliar with him being around. He is our pet, not just mine.

“When we let him out of his cage he just goes straight for Karsten, he just completely


dive bombs him. Gobby just hasn’t taken a liking to

“We run a falconry business so luckily he knows how to handle birds. I don’t think Karsten is too bothered by it, it’s funny.”

The incredible footage shows the bird staring intently at the toddler, repeatedly saying ‘stop it’, while lifting his claw up and using it to point at the toddler.

Further footage shows Leon in his high chair while the parrot encourages him to eat saying, ‘good boy’, ‘yum’ and ‘thank you daddy’ in the background.

Hayley said: “Leon had been having a typical toddler melt down and he was crawling all over me on the sofa. I had run out of things to try and stop him from crying.

“I think Gobby just heard him screaming and saw him all over me so tried to help me out a bit.

“He chatters away all the time so it wasn’t unusual for him to do something like this. I just decided to video it this time.

“Leon had been crying for 45 minutes and nothing I was doing was calming him down. Then Gobby just started to say ‘stop it’ and whistling.

“As he said it Leon started looking around the room wondering who had said it. He doesn’t really bother with the parrot so I don’t think he realised it was coming from him.

“Gobby said it a couple more times and then Leon just stopped. I couldn’t believe it.

“I had been replaced by a parrot. My son had decided to listen to a bird and not his own mum.


“I didn’t hear anything from him the rest of the night. It was amazing, I just couldn’t believe that he took instruction from the parrot and not me.

“It gave me a rest though it was pretty funny. Maybe it’s a new parenting technique I need to try out.

“I might just leave it all to Gobby in the future. He even helps me at meal times as Leon has feeding problems and a tube so he often needs some encouragement.

“Gobby will be in the background telling him he is a good boy and to eat up. He just replicates what I say all the time but it’s great.”

Although Gobby likes to help his owner out with the parenting, Hayley admits that this stop when her husband comes home – meaning Karston only ever sees the parrot’s antics on camera.

Hayley said: “Gobby imitates my husband’s voice but he can’t stand my husband. He never speaks when Karsten is around.

“Karsten has only seen this happen on video but he thinks it’s pretty funny that he uses his voice.

“If the parrot is out in the house he often swoops down and dive bombs Karsten so we don’t usually have him out when he is home.

“I’ve been caught out a few times at how similar Gobby sounds to Karsten. I’ve been upstairs before and thought my husband was shouting me down but it was the parrot.

“My 13-year-old and 20-year-old daughters just find the parrot really annoying. He often starts chatting away early in the morning so it wakes us up.

“As soon as you acknowledge him or tell him to be quiet he just carries on and does it louder because he is getting a reaction.”