Offbeat Video

By Ben Walley 

A couple created an adorable gender reveal song to announce the sex of their unborn baby.

John Barber, 29, and his wife Breanna, 26, from Phonenix, Arizona, are expecting their first child in April, next year, but along with the help Breanna’s brother, Jordan, 23, they put together a heartfelt song to reveal the news.

John Barber/Caters News

Data analyst and web designer, John, said: “I pitched it to my wife and she didn’t think it would be worth all the time and energy and she wanted to know the gender right away.

“I dropped it for about a month, but then two weeks before the Anatomy Ultrasound, I brought it up again, and she said I could do it.

“I hadn’t written the song until about 2pm the day of the party.

“Jordan worked on his verses while I worked on the chorus, we helped each other write the parts, but he wrote almost all the verse lyrics and I wrote the chorus.”

The gender of the baby was kept secret from the couple, who have been married for three and a half years, until it was revealed in the lyrics at the family party in October, this year.

John Barber/Caters News

John said: “I was really nervous because I had a hard time remembering the lyrics.

“I had only written them 3 hours prior to performing them, so they weren’t exactly in my long-term memory banks.

“I was also just excited to know the gender, it’s all we had talked about all day.

“I can’t wait to see a little copy of my amazing, adorable wife grow into a smart, strong, confident woman.”