Animals Video

By Helen Le Caplain

A brave border collie puppy showed its ‘shear talent’ when it was caught on camera herding sheep FOUR TIMES her size like a pro – despite never laying eyes on the mammals before.

Adorable seven-week-old pup Ciara can be seen bounding after the sheep, rounding them up and guiding them back to proud owner Daire Byrne, who claims her instincts as a fifth-generation border collie kicked in as soon as she clapped eyes on them.

The footage shows her fearlessly approach four sheep including a defiant ram 20 TIMES her weight who lowers his horns but eventually concedes defeat and runs away.

Student Daire from Roscommon, Ireland, said: “I took the four puppies out for some exercise on the paddock to see what their reaction to seeing the sheep would be.



“I was watching them all but then I focused the camera on this little lady in particular who went straight up to the sheep.

“She comes from a long line of brave dogs and she’s certainly the bravest of the littler – each of these sheep easily weigh 20 times what Ciara does which is roughly four kilos.”

Border Collies tend to herd animals by getting in front of livestock and using ‘strong eye’ to stare them down to keep them in a group and control their motion.

Daire, 17, said: “What she’s doing is just on her own instinct – not through watching any other dogs.



“Sheep are actually very good readers of dogs, they know if there is power there or not.

“As the video shows this little lady has ample amount of power to back up her actions even though she’s only a quarter of their size.”

“She looks in her element and is certainly growing in confidence but I won’t be taking her back until she’s a bit older as I don’t want anything to happen to her.

“She can go back to playing with the other puppies in the garden before I get her to work on the farm.

“I think she’ll make a really good trial bitch, definitely a good farm bitch.”


The footage shows curious Ciara, who has heterochromatic (different coloured) eyes, trotting up to the sheep and barking while older dog runs towards them and trots off.

The pint-sized puppy initially seems startled by the livestock’s movements then fearlessly chases after them while barking, goes ahead of them and steers them towards Daire.

Daire, who’s lived on a farm all his life, can be heard laughing in surprise after Ciara approaches and stares down a ram who finally runs off with the fearless pup on his heels.