Animals Video

By Bilal Kuchay

An Indian man was completely swarmed by a pack of hungry monkeys as he feeds them bread with his hands.

The scene was captured by stunned onlookers when Krishna Kumar Mishra, a 79-year-old hermit, had brought a bag full of bread and offered it to the primates.


The spiritual leader, from Raibareli in Uttar Pradesh in northern India, has been feeding monkeys for last four decades.

In the video, the man, wearing orange robes, approaches the monkeys in a matching tempo.

As soon as he opens the bag of goodies, hundred of monkeys including their young start emerging and piling up on each other.

Some brave animals even climb onto his head and shoulders in the race of grabbing the bread first.

At one moment, the baba is seen lost in the sea of monkeys as the excited animals drag him down to the ground and sit on his belly.

The monkeys keep chattering in joy as they get their hands full on the bread.


Krishna says: “My motive is to spread love and humanity in the world. These hungry animals roam here and there in search of food and I find it satisfying to feed them.

For years, Krishna who is also known as Shyam Sadhu by his followers, has been collecting leftover food from hotels and from peoples homes to feed his friends.

When he cannot collect it, he cooks 100 chapatis at home and pack it for his friends.

Whether it is rain or cold, the baba never misses a day to feed these monkeys, who live a mile away from his home.


The animal lover also receives donations and help from people from across the country who wish to feed animals just like him.

He says: “My wife was not very happy with my hobby but I get complete support from my married daughters.

“Even people from across the nation who wish to feed these animals help me with donations.”