By Michael Scott

This Hawaiian Cat sanctuary has created an incredible island paradise for the state’s stray cats.

While most people would take a trip to one of the Hawaiian Island’s many heavenly sights, Andrew Marttila, 32 and his partner Hannah Shaw, 30, wanted to visit something more unusual.

 Andrew Marttila/Caters News

They decided to take a trip to the Lanai Cat Sanctuary, where there are currently over 500 cats living.

Andrew said: “We went just to check it out.  A cat sanctuary in Hawaii – am I dreaming?

 Andrew Marttila/Caters News

“We both run relatively large and active social media accounts that deal primarily with kittens and animal welfare and had heard really positive things about the Lanai Cat Sanctuary.

“When we arrived by ferry Keoni Vaughn, the Executive Director of the Sanctuary, picked us up at the dock, gave us a tour of the island, and brought us to the sanctuary.

“He’s an incredibly nice guy in addition to being a wonderful cat advocate.

 Andrew Marttila/Caters News

Professional cat photographer Andrew and Hannah are both big on kitten and animal welfare, so when Hannah was invited to speak at a Cat welfare conference on Oahu, they decided that this was the perfect time to visit.

“There are at least 20 to 30 cats that form a welcoming committee when you first enter the gates.

 Andrew Marttila/Caters News

“I was immediately impressed because it is very, very rare to see that many friendly and well socialized cats all hanging out together, anxious to greet new visitors.

“I just want to give another shout out to Lanai Cat Sanctuary for their work. Their work has and will continue to make a monumental impact on the lives of all the cats on the island.”