By Tui Benjamin 

A model claims she was one of dozens of women groped at a Drake concert before the star stopped his performance to call out a fan for touching audience members inappropriately.

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Mum-of-three Bella Vrondos alleges up to 50 women were assaulted by multiple men before the Canadian rapper stepped in during an after-party set at Sydney’s Marquee nightclub on Wednesday.

The 33-year-old said she saw dozens of women who had been waiting in the front rows being ouched inappropriately, shoved and grabbed when men suddenly surged forward from the sides as Drake began singing.

In viral Instagram footage, the award-winning artist can be seen halting the post-concert set mid-song to tell an unseen man in the crowd, ‘if you don’t stop touching girls, I’m gonna come out there and f**k you up’.

Bella, from Mascot, Sydney, said: “There were about 50 girls who had been standing in the front several rows waiting for three to four hours.

“When Drake came on stage everyone surged forward and that’s when all these guys tried to push in from the sides.

“Girls were getting pushed over and groped everywhere, it was crazy. It was not just one specific girl being groped in one incident by one specific guy, it was happening everywhere.

“Guys were grabbing people’s bums. I was in the front row and got groped and people were grabbing my friends – we all got touched.

PIC FROM Caters News

“I’m not sure if Drake made those comments in response to one specific thing or everything he could see but he was just like ‘f**k this’ and stopped the concert, which was amazing.

“He was raised above the crowd so would have been able to see everything going on – girls in front of him getting pushed, shoved and groped.

“As soon as he made that comment there was no more groping. It was fantastic to see him do that and stand up for the women in there – he is such a positive role model.”

Drake’s post-gig Marquee MC set began at midnight and the rapper stopped the performance to make the comments after just 15 minutes.

Bella has previously spoke out over being ridiculed for her breast implants and Kim Kardashian-inspired fashion sense by critics who accused her of not being a good mum.

And the mum-of-three reiterated that women wearing tight dresses and stiletto heels does not give men the right to touch them against their will.

She added: “Women should be able to dress how they want without fear of being assaulted.

PIC FROM Caters News

“It was an elaborate once in a lifetime event at Marquee and if you’re going to something like that you’re likely to want to dress in a certain way – the women on the front row were all in beautiful clothes – but that doesn’t give anyone the opportunity to think they can grope you without your consent.

“Sometimes men definitely feel a sense of entitlement based on the clothes you are wearing.

“As a woman it is something you face and all of my friends would say they have been groped in nightclubs before.

“Men might wear a $1,000 AUD (£574) Gucci shirt, but that doesn’t make us think we have the right to touch them against their will.

“I am so happy to have Drake look out for us women like that, I thought it was amazing and while I was already his biggest fan this has just made me love him even more.”

A spokesman for The Star Casino, which Marquee nightclub is based within, said: “We can confirm a male was removed by security during Drake’s performance. The Star has zero tolerance for anti-social behaviour.

“Our commitment to providing an enjoyable and, importantly, the safest environment for all our guests is supported by world class security and surveillance measures, including more than 2800 CCTV cameras and 250-plus security officers.”