Video Viral

By Harriet Whitehead 

A mum has shared hilarious footage of the moment her ‘unruly’ six-year-old son got stuck in a DISPLAY TOILET at a bathroom store.

Karen Westmorland was out shopping for a new suite with hubby Marcus and kids Alfie, six, and Felix, three, when Alfie got himself wedged in the loo at Better Bathrooms in York.

After a few minutes spent trying to release him, Karen, 45, gave up and decided to film the youngster’s predicament instead.


The funny footage shows Marcus, 45, trying to pull Alfie out, even asking the little one to twist himself and lean forward before the dad collapses in a fit of giggles.

Meanwhile, the poor boy can be heard saying ‘I want to get out’ and ‘you killed me’ before he manages to free himself.

But it seems ‘drama queen’ Alfie didn’t learn his lesson – unbelievably he also managed to get stuck in the toilet at home later that day.

Karen, from Leeds, Yorks, said: “We were going round looking at new bathroom suites and toilets.

“The kids were being kids and sort of messing around, climbing inside shower cubicles and baths.

“They are not particularly well-behaved when they are out and about.

“Alfie kept sitting in toilets and he sat on that one and stuck his bum in too far and could not get out.

“He was going ‘I’m stuck. I’m stuck’. I went across to give him a tug but I could not get him out.”

The 45-year-old category manager said Alfie was in there for a good few minutes before she started filming.


Karen said: “I could not stop laughing. The phone was shaking because I couldn’t stop laughing.

“He says ‘you are killing me’. He is a bit of a drama queen. He was absolutely fine afterwards. You could see that from his face when he pinged out.

“At first we didn’t believe he was stuck. We thought he was messing around until we tried to pull him out then I realised he was stuck and I was like ‘why my child?’.

“I called my husband over and started to video him. I thought it would be one to capture and share.”

Karen admits she was embarrassed and had visions of the fire brigade coming to cut him out

She said: “Everybody else in the store was politely ignoring us. There were people milling around but I think they were pretending we were not there.

“The kids can be unruly when they want to be. They were climbing in the shower cubicles and Felix kept picking up shower heads. I was trying to ignore them and concentrate.

“Incidentally we did not buy that toilet in the end.”


To the parents amusement when they got home Alfie managed to get stuck in the loo again.

Karen said: “He managed to get his bum wedged in there again. As if he hadn’t learned the first time.

“He has seen the video and he thinks it is funny. We keep watching it and it makes us laugh.

“When I shared the video somebody commented that when they were younger their sister did a wee in a showroom toilet.

“I would have been mortified if that had happened but thankfully he knows not to do something like that.”