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By Katy Gill 

This cheeky dog is waving his troubles goodbye – after digging his way into them.

Bambi, an eight-month-old Samoyed, had spent the morning tearing up plants and making a mess of the garden.

Priya Gill / Caters News

But when owner Priya Gill, 25, caught him in the act with mud all down him the sneaky dog gave her the puppy eyes and a little wave.

With this super cute little gesture, all was forgiven and the playful pup was whisked inside to be cleaned off.

Priya filmed her dog’s apology in her parents’ garden in Melbourne, Australia.

Priya, a social worker, said: “Bambi was exploring the backyard garden and started a little adventure of digging out and uprooting his grandparents’ plants.

“When he was caught red-handed, he gave those puppy dog eyes to me and waved ‘hi’. All was forgiven.

“Bambi is a very cheeky little puppy who loves to put his paws where they don’t belong.

Priya Gill / Caters News

“He loves to express his emotions through the use of his paws by waving ‘hi’, pointing to what he wants, and asking for cuddles. He uses his paws to communicate with humans really well.

“When he was just four months old he was taught to wave ‘hi’.

“After that it was a trial and error process using positive reinforcement strategies to increase the waving action.

“It took Bambi a little over 30 minutes to learn how to wave ‘hi’, with lots of treats of course.

Priya Gill / Caters News

“When he first waved back I had no words. I called my partner over and showed him the new trick, and we were both amazed. Whenever he does it my heart melts.

“Watching him wave ‘hi’ to family and friends from a distance is just so rewarding.

“Who knew that such a small gesture we humans take for granted is so amusing when an animal does it.”