By Becca Husselbee 

A couple captured the special moments their children shared with their family dog in this adorable series of photos.

Pic by Carlos Tanseco/Caters News

Carlos and Jenifer Tanseco, both 34, and their two children Harvey, 3, and Marnie, 2, all share their home with their beloved dog, Maddie, the 10-year-old miniature dachshund.

Their bond is so close that the couple consider Maddie as the elder sister to their children as she was their ‘first child’.

Pic by Carlos Tanseco/Caters News

Carlos said: “Since Maddie was essentially Jennifer and mine’s first kid,  we consider her like an older sister.

“The kids miss Maddie dearly if they don’t see her for a while.

Pic by Carlos Tanseco/Caters News

“When we come home after a long day both kids will exclaim when they see Maddie and give hugs and kisses.

“They love giving her her favorite treats, baby carrots.”

Pic by Carlos Tanseco/Caters News

After the couple had there first child, Harvey, sibling duties doubled when Marnie came along.

Carlos said: “Marnie is sweeter and more gentle than Harvey was so Maddie actually seems to have latched onto her.

“That and Marnie is also more generous when it comes to sharing her snacks.

Pic by Carlos Tanseco/Caters News

“Maddie is still me and Jennifer’s first kid of course and she never took a back seat to the kids.

“She still sleeps in bed with us, still gets to ride in the front seat of the car.

Pic by Carlos Tanseco/Caters News

“Maddie’s favorite time is right after Marnie kisses her goodnight and she finally gets some alone time with Jennifer and I, like the good old days.”