Pic by Caters News

It's your big day, you've spent months planning every last detail of your wedding and you're just about to capture the moment perfectly on camera when....you're upstaged by a grinning donkey. At least that's what happened to these poor couples who were dramatically photobombed by a whole host of camera-hogging animals on their special day. 

Pic by Fabio Mirulla /Caters News

The pictures have been taken by some of the top wedding photographers around the world - which just goes to show even the experts run into problems from time to time. 

Pic by Fabio Mirulla /Caters News

The funny snaps have been compiled by UK-based Wedding Photography Select. 

Pic by Marcin Karpowicz /Caters News

They curate and showcase thousands of images from the best wedding photographers around the world and hold six Excellence Awards competitions each year. 

Pic by Oier Aso/Caters News

Darius Sutherland, founder of Wedding Photography Select, said: "If you thought that wedding photography was all about the bride and groom then think again. 

Pic by Fabio Mirulla/Caters News

"As you can see sometimes the bride and groom are upstaged by their animal friends."

Pic by William Lambelet/Caters News

The hilarious snaps show a series of irate brides being upstaged by everything from a cat to a camel and a dog to a donkey.