By Charles Creasey  

A furious dad claims a ‘jobsworth’ parking warden slapped him with a ticket after he’d BROKEN DOWN in a car park – before quipping ‘Merry Christmas’ as he walked off.

Conrad Bennett was out shopping on Sunday near Guildford, Surrey, when his Reliant Robin engine began smoking and overheated and he promptly pulled into a nearby carpark to fix it.

The 27-year-old says a council worker came over to enquire what had happened but was stunned when, instead of understanding, he stuck a £50 fine on his back window.

To add insult to injury, the warden then allegedly sarcastically wished Conrad festive tidings.

The incensed dad-of-three filmed himself cursing the council official in a sweary rant, which went viral on social media, and is now demanding cancellation of the fine and an apology.

However Waverley Council defended the parking warden’s actions and said he was right to issue the ticket.

Conrad said: “He’s a proper jobsworth. A total b*****d. It was just a sucker shot on his part. I had pulled in there when he was just leaving.

“He’d just slapped a ticket on the back of my car and I said to him ‘are you joking?’ and in reply he just said ‘Merry Christmas’.

“At that point I was livid and I thought ‘what a complete w****r’.

“You can see in the video he tried to get away. He was just trying to get away so fast that I couldn’t get his badge number.”

The video shows an incensed Conrad walking across to the meek official in his Vauxhall Corsa, narrating the sequence of events from start to finish.

Conrad said: “I wasn’t even in a bay and you can see from the video clearly that I had broken down.

“He just had this massive grin on his face – those people are just a different breed. I had stopped for a total of about 30 seconds and he ticketed me.

“He even took photos from the car. That parking warden was just being a complete b*** end.

“When I first noticed him, he was just standing around there looking at other cars. But now I know that he wasn’t. He’d turned his back and he was typing up my ticket.

“I just can’t believe it because he didn’t even say ‘you can’t park here’ or anything. I just went around the back of my car and there was a fine on the window.

“When he started taking pictures of me [while in his car], as far as I’m concerned that’s as bad as using your phone while driving. You can see him in the video with camera in hand and that’s just not safe.”

Conrad says he had just driven round to the shops to get a fizzy drink when he needed to pull over to pop the bonnet.

He said: “The engine of my car started smoking so I just pulled in to fix it. It wasn’t a problem in the end but that jobsworth gave me a fine.

“I want an apology and cancellation from the council. My car had broken down and the warden didn’t even ask if there was anything wrong.

“I sent an email to Waverley helpdesk and I’m still waiting for a reply.”

Conrad’s video got 34,000 views on social media, where many people in the local area commented with their own parking woes and messages of support.

Hayley Old-Raver Jaynee said: “You make me laugh mate. Well done you for standing up to him. F***ing jobsworth if you ask me. He was probably jealous of your motor.”

Alan Moore said: “Had it on Friday in crown court. I pulled into a parking space and

the jobsworth stood by my car and watched me buy a ticket.

“It looks like they’re on a Christmas bonus. The more tickets [they give] the bigger turkey they get.”

A spokesperson for Waverley Council said: “In this situation, we believe the officer was correct to issue a ticket. The car was parked over several bays and the officer was carrying out their duties according to the council’s enforcement policy.

“If the resident has any information to confirm the officer acted or said anything inappropriate they should contact us directly so we can investigate.

“Anyone who doesn’t think they should receive a ticket can challenge the PCN through the appropriate channels.”