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By Luke Kenton

This remarkable 90-year-old grandmother provided her friends and family with huge laughs when she took to the stage with her own version of a famous Patsy Cline song, documenting the struggles we all face when growing old.

Gathered with 60 family and friends in honour of her 90th birthday, Grandma Vera, from Lovell, Wyoming, USA, decided to dust off her old guitar during her landmark celebration, treating those in attendance to an amusing song she’d written 23 years earlier.

Parodying Patsy Cline’s famous song, ‘Fall to Pieces’, Vera dedicates the performance to the seniors in the room, before quipping that we ‘scrimp and save for the golden years, but when we get here, we fall to pieces’, much to the amusement of those looking on.


Holding a wonderful tune while strumming away impressively at her guitar, Vera, who has been singing since she was 10-years-old, continues to evoke rapturous laughter among in the audience, with witty lines such as ‘each time we bend down, we can’t get up’.

Ending her rendition with the sentiment that you have to ‘continue to have fun’ even though you’re falling to pieces, Vera’s performance is met with a standing ovation, proving that though it’s been some eight decades since her musical journey began, she’s certainly still got it.

Granddaughter Tifany Richardson, who was hearing the hilarious version for the first time on September 23, said: “My grandmother has been singing for eighty years, she taught herself guitar from a very early age and she’s been performing ever since.

“Her and her sisters won numerous talent shows and they had the chance to perform more publically, but life got in the way and they decided not to.

“She came up with this song suddenly around 23 years ago – I and most of my family were hearing it for the very first time when she performed on her birthday.


“I thought it was hilarious and so neat that she’d come up with it all.

“I’ve been watching my grandmother perform from such an early age, I’ve always enjoyed watching her play and I’m so in awe of her talent.

“I always have such a sense of pride watching her, as if her talent is my little, best-kept secret.

“She used to regularly perform with my grandfather when he was alive, at family gatherings.

“I almost took those moments for granted at the time, what I would do to see them both perform again.

“The video has now been viewed over 10 million times, and my grandmother couldn’t believe it, she kept asking ‘who are all of these people?

“She is overwhelmed by the reaction and is so excited to share her music with everyone.”

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