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By Laura Dale

THIS is the one-holiday attraction that is truly lavaly and a real tourist hotspot.

Epic Lava Tours / Caters News

The Epic Lava tour in Hawaii allows visitors to get up close and personal with active lava flows.

Each tour lasts around two hours and those wanting to take part are allowed to get as close as physically possible under the extreme heat.

The unusual attraction started back in 2014 and guides check webcams daily to see where the best lava is flowing.

Guides take groups out early morning, asking those who want to take part to meet at 4am.

They then hike between five to ten miles after being provided with all the gear needed to stay safe.

Epic Lava Tours / Caters News

Founder and tour guide John Tarson, 37, started the extreme trips after moving from LA to Hawaii.

He left a career in a band after his parents retired to the country and moved with his wife and young daughter to a home right by the national volcano park.

From there he use his background in both entertainment and tourism to start the unusual tours.

He said: “Seeing the lava flows is one of the most spectacular views on earth.

“Most people leave feeling awe-inspired.

Epic Lava Tours / Caters News

“For us the priority is safety. But we allow people to get as close as they can physically stand.

“I can be centimetres away for a few seconds. But for the most part groups stand a bit further back for a few seconds then move back after taking pictures.

“You can tell where the hot spots are from heatwaves on the ground – the same as the wavy lines you see on a road on a hot day.

Epic Lava Tours / Caters News

“You can also tell from the colour – the real hot parts have a silver shine.

“We have webcams tracking activity and teams out every day.

“In term of how old we ask guests to it is a real case by case basis. I would say around eight-years-old upwards.

Epic Lava Tours / Caters News

“We ask people to meet us at 4am. Most of them look like they want to smack me for making them get up so early.

“We are super safety orientated. We provide guests with all the equipment they need.”