Offbeat Video

By Katy Gill

A dog owner has especially built and connected a trailer to his skateboard, so his loyal companion can be ferried along with him wherever he goes.

Duncan Evans, 26, is a graphic designer who loves going on adventures with his furry best friend Timmie.

In the video, Duncan tows around town the 16-year-old Jack Russell in a trailer that he has attached to his electric skateboard.

PIC FROM Caters News

Duncan, from Whitland, Wales said: “The trailer is meant for a bicycle, but I have an electric skateboard so I figured I could attach the trailer to it.

“I made the attachment from scrap steel which I found lying around, and it only took me about two hours to make it in total.

“I love making things for Timmie – I’ve had him since he was a puppy, but as he’s got older his health has deteriorated.

PIC FROM Caters News

“However I see that as an opportunity to maintain his quality of life and keep that flame burning brightly by creating fun things for him.

“The last project I did for him I made a ramp for him to climb up to my bed, and for his next project I’m building him a house.

“Timmie loved the trailer, he’s such a cool and chilled character and just enjoys life.”

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