Animals Video

By Charlotte Regen 

An adorable puppy gets up to no good by dragging his huge bed out of the kitchen.

Cockapoo, Toby, who is just 11-months-old,  is often dragging items around the house but get a little stuck when he tries to get his bed through the stairgate and into the living room.

Pic by Emma Buckle/ Caters News

His owner, Emma Buckle, said: “He often drags things he wants from the kitchen to the living room, toys, blankets etc, but never his big bed.

“I just found it so funny, I took the video and sent it to all my family and then posted it on a Cockapoo Facebook group for other owners to see.”

Toby and Emma have only been together since February at their home in Lichfield Birmingham.

Pic by Emma Buckle/ Caters News

She said: “He knows when he’s being naughty or cheeky so trotted off quickly with it once it was through the gap.

“The kitchen is where he sleeps but he loves being in the living room as he’s really sociable and loves being with people.”