By Mike Jones

These incredible snaps capture a wild dolphin apparently performing a backflip.

John Russell, 42, took these shots at Chanonry Point in the Scottish Highlands and he says he was so close that when he looked through the viewfinder, he thought the dolphin might actually land on top of him.

PIC BY John Russell / CATERS NEWS 

The bottlenose dolphin is shown leaping out of the water and gliding through the sky backwards before plunging back into the icy Scottish sea.

John works in engineering parts sales and he lives just twenty minutes away from Chanonry Point.

John said: “Chanonry Point is the best location to see the resident Moray Firth Bottlenose Dolphins up close from the shoreline – they can be as close as 10 meters away from you at times.

PIC BY John Russell / CATERS NEWS 

“The Dolphins come close to the shore chasing the Salmon on the incoming tide and you frequently see them catching large Salmon. They then proceed to, what looks like spit them out but they are just repositioning the fish in order to make it easer for them to swallow.

PIC BY John Russell / CATERS NEWS 

“The Dolphin was actually very close when it performed this breach, thought it was coming to land on top of me when I saw it through the viewfinder.”