By Charlotte Nisbet

An obese couple have ditched their unhealthy “date nights” to drop 13 STONE just in time for their white wedding.

Laura, 40, and Grant Allan, 42, enjoyed nothing more than dining out for breakfast, lunch and dinner but it had caused the pair to rapidly gain weight.

Pic from Cambridge Weight Plan/Caters News: Laura Braham age 40, before her weightloss

The couple, who first met in 2010, weighed a combined 33 stone at their heaviest and after a lifetime of being overweight, the pair decided to ditch their much loved date nights.

They signed up to Cambridge Weight Plan last August and while Laura and Grant began dropping the pounds, they decided to finally book their wedding.

After just 10 months of eating at home and avoiding their daily date nights, Laura and Grant lost over 13 stone combined.

Pic from Cambridge Weight Plan/Caters News: Grant Allan age 42 from Edinburgh. Pic taken May 2016

They tied to knot in Edinburgh, Scotland, on October 13 and couldn’t be happier with their new image.

Laura, a social worker, said: “We loved nothing more than going out for food and drinks together, it would range of pub food to Italian or curry houses.

“But instead of it being just one night a week, we were going out up to four times every week.

“I was drinking wine most nights and Grant would regularly drink beer which added to our weight gain.

“I’d been big since I’d started university as a teenager but after meeting Grant, I’d put on even more weight.

“We really enjoyed our date nights but it was getting out of control, we barely ate at home.

Pic from Cambridge Weight Plan/Caters News: Laura Braham age 40 and Grant Allan age 42 from Edinburgh

“At my heaviest I weighed over 16st and Grant was 16st 13lbs.

“Grant had proposed in 2012 but we put off booking our wedding because of being unhappy with our weight.

“But the most worrying issue was that Grant’s health was declining, he had Type 2 diabetes, high blood pressure because of his weight and was being put on more and more medications which weren’t working.

“Last August we decided to change our eating habits and we haven’t looked back since.

“We looked unrecognisable at our wedding, our guests could barely believe it was us.”

The couple now only treat themselves once a week and have dramatically reduced their alcohol intake.

Pic from Cambridge Weight Plan/Caters News

Laura said: “We still enjoy going out for food but now we do it in moderation, once every few weeks and we’ll share wine rather than Grant having the extra beers.

“Grant has reversed all his health problems and now goes running regularly to keep fit , he has just done his first 10k.

“We still have the odd treat like chocolate but unlike the past, we now monitor our portion sizes.

“Instead of snacking on toast and chocolate or crisps, we now have fruit or a Cambridge Weight Plan bar.

“Grant used to wear a size XXL but now wears a medium and I was a size 20 but now I’m a dress size eight.”

Grant and Laura planned their big day in just six months while losing weight and their guests couldn’t believe their transformation.

Laura added: “Laura added: “We had a small wedding with around 36 guests but some of those guests hadn’t seen us in months and they couldn’t believe how different we looked.

Pic from SharBrahamPhotography/Caters News

“Neither of us wanted to be overweight for our wedding day but we never imagined we’d manage to lose so much weight in just 10 months.

“Following the Cambridge Weight Plan has changed our lives, we are much healthier than we’ve ever been.

“For dinner I now have an omelette, or fish or chicken with salad.

“We never really ate fast food takeaways before but we were treating ourselves way too much with meals out.

“I hope other people reading our story can see that no matter your age, there’s always time to change your old habits.”