Offbeat Video

By Jack Williams

This is the amazing moment an ENTIRE BAND broke into song on a packed New York City subway train, prompting an incredible response from onlookers in the process.

The uplifting footage shows how members of Apartment Sessions, a musical collective, belted out Queen’s “Somebody To Love” with wonderful clarity and vibrancy as the train flew between stops.

Pic by Apartment Sessions / Caters

The array of instruments featured in the group’s precise arrangement included the sax, trumpet, mandolin, bass, cymbals and banjo.

In total, 25 people were involved in the performance, Luke McGinnis, one of the heads of Apartment Sessions, said.

Shot on October 31, 2017, a number of the members even donned Halloween-themed costumes, from a taco to a giraffe.

Luke, 25, sensitive to the views of fellow New Yorkers, said: “The problem remained: How do we get away with this without causing disruption and annoying everyone?

“It wouldn’t feel like Apartment Sessions if we were bothering people.

“That’s when we realized: We do it on Halloween, and dress up in silly costumes, and pass out candy.

“Anyone on the subway in New York expects this kind of thing on the train on Halloween, so we figured that was the one day in the whole year that we could do it without wrecking someone’s commute.”

Pic by Apartment Sessions / Caters

Apartment Sessions members opted to perform on the J line, which runs across the Williamsburg Bridge from Brooklyn to Manhattan, as that has a six-minute, above-ground stretch between two stations.

Months of planning was also required, as every mic placement, camera angle, instrumentation, and set up had to be worked out.

A big challenge, the group said, was working only with mics and a recording interface that could be brought onto the train and set up quickly.

The performance took place at 7:30pm and required three takes, Luke said.

Luke said: “Everyone loved it!

“We did three takes on three trains, some more crowded than others, and each time were met with enthusiasm, incredulous looks and even singing along.

“You can hear, at the end of the video, a passenger saying, “I love New York! I’ve been away a long time, man, and I haven’t seen something like this in a while.”