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By Katy Gill

This dog doesn’t want ANY smooches – and he’s making sure he doesn’t get any, by pushing his owner away.

Jenny Le has shared this video of her four-year-old Yorkie, Shitzu cross called Simba, who is pushing her away whenever she tries to kiss him.

Jenny Le / Caters News

As soon as Jenny gets close to showing Simba any affection, he brings his paw up and pushes her away.

Jenny, 24, took this video of her anti-PDA pup in her home in Estero, Florida.

Jenny said: “I had just drank my morning coffee and decided to head upstairs to get ready for work.

“But before I did that, Simba had made himself cosy on the stairs, so I decided to lean in for a kiss because he looked so cute.

Jenny Le / Caters News

“But before I could he plopped his paw over my face. This seems to happen every morning, so I’ve figured it was the morning coffee breath that he wasn’t fond of.

“I’ve had Simba since he was a puppy and we are best friends and go everywhere together, he just obviously doesn’t like my coffee breath!”