By Luke Johnston 

A group of friends got together to capture the moment their naked friend rode a whale-shaped iceberg in almost freezing conditions.

Karl Riis Jacobsen, 39, from Kristiansand, Norway, got his kit off, near the north pole while on a trip with his friends.

Tommy Simonsen, 46, from Harstad, Norway, was one of those friends that came along on the boys trip.

Pic by Tommy Simonsen/Caters News

Tommy, a professional photographer, and regular field guide, said: “We passed this iceberg with our boat that evening as it was floating mid-fjord on our way to the cabin, Karl asked if he could ride it.

“So we turned the boat around, went up to the iceberg and checked its stability.

“While the rest of us guys were holding it stable, Karl climbed aboard the iceberg butt naked, only wearing Crocs and a small knife to get a grip on it.

“He was, of course, prepared to slide off and swim in the ice-cold water.”

The temperature was around two degrees at the time Karl made his way into the iceberg but Tommy said they were prepared for the worst case scenario.

Tommy said: “There was a risk that his private parts might get stuck the ice but we were secretly hoping it would happen.

“We were prepared just in case, with a thermos of warm water, after our photo session.”