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By Tui Benjamin

An adorable black cat who loves fishing and swimming in the sea has become an unlikely social media star.

Two-year-old moggy Oscar has firmly gained his sea legs by accompanying owner Beau Mcdonnell and partner Sara Gilbert on their fishing trips every weekend.

Oscar the Fishing Cat / Caters News

The animal-loving couple, from Townsville, Queensland, Australia, said they have never seen a cat love water as much as their unusual kitty – and the pet has now racked up hundreds of social media fans.

Dad-of-three and former professional fisherman turned roofer Beau, 36, said: “Even as a tiny kitten Oscar used to come in the car with us and we realised he was calm and didn’t mind it.

“He is very comfortable in the car and we’ve even carried him on the motorbike and quad bike before – it never worried him. He’s the only cat I would ever do that with.

“So when he was about six months old we decided to take him in the boat.

“The very first time he was looking around, probably thinking ‘what am I doing’ but after 10 minutes he was absolutely fine.

Oscar the Fishing Cat / Caters News

“But the next thing you know he was sitting up on the front of the boat while we were driving. After that he just kept wanting to come with us.

“He doesn’t mind the water at all, he walks through it to jump onto the boat and follows us wherever we go.

“He’s a very unusual cat – in some ways he’s more like a dog.”

Family pet Oscar was adopted by Sara and Beau, who have three sons, when their female cat got pregnant and he was the only kitten.

Beau used to fish professionally but now just does it as a hobby and to feed his family – taking his boat out with Sara most weekends.

Oscar the Fishing Cat / Caters News

The 36-year-old added: “Beau loves to sit up at the front of the boat and if one of the bait fish gets into the boat he eats it up as quick as he can.

“Now we take it for granted how unusual he is, but when we tell people he comes fishing with us they think it’s great.

“Everywhere we go we talk about him to people. Some people think it’s a bit too much taking him fishing, but we love him anyway.

“After a big feed on the

Oscar the Fishing Cat / Caters News

bait fish he likes nothing more than to just curl up and sleep in the boat.”

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