Offbeat Video

By Jamie Smith

An ‘urban explorer’ made a spur of the moment decision to run across the top of a bridge while taking a selfie.

Pic by Matthew Adams/Caters News

Matthew Adams, 23, from the Lowestoft, Suffolk, was in Sweden looking for a new adventure when he came across the Solveborg bridge while out with friends.

Along with his friend and climber from Sweden, known as Free solo, they climbed the metal framework of before and making there way and taking a selfie, last year.

Matthew, founder of unexposed exploration traveling, said: “We had been having lunch close by and decided we wanted to climb and run over the bridge.

“Once we reached the top I just snapped a quick photo and we climbed back down.

“It was only a small object, just for fun so I didn’t take my camera. Just a quick iphone selfie and we ran staright back down.”

Pic by Matthew Adams/Caters News

The bridge is the largest pedestrian bridge in Europe and spans 2,480 feet across the Sölvesborg Bay.

The bridge is known for its three large arches ways that are lit by LED lights, changing colour dependant on the season.