Animals Video

By Charlotte Regen

These adorable bear cubs are bear-ly holding on – as it can be seen carefully climbing down from a homeowner’s roof.

Helen Anderson filmed this video of the bear cub climbing down from her roof after it had been searching for avocados.

PIC FROM Caters News

Despite most of them searching their trees for avocados, Helen says that one bear cub in particular goes on top of the roof to search for the fruit.

Although she says the bear cubs only visit the avocado trees in September and October, she claims that bears have been visiting her front garden for the passed 10 years.

Helen said: “The bears have been bringing their young cubs for at least 10 years, teaching them to eat our avocados.

“If there are fallen avocados the bears will stop by every day to get them – however, we have one single bear who feels the need to get on our roof to reach the avocados!

“We have lived in this house since 1979 and the blackbears were brought in from Yosemite in the 1930’s. The bears that visit us now are the descendants of these bears.

PIC FROM Caters News

“Every year the female bears have at least two cubs each who are three to six months old. They’re very cute and are full of energy!

“This year we have observed at least five different sow bears with their cubs and some single bears – the cubs will stay with their mothers for two years.

“The majority of the bears seem to be used to people and we love to watch them when they come to our tree.”