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By Kirstie Sutheran

This rabbit has a permanently tilted head – and is showing that disabled pets can still be adorable!

Caroline Rohwedder has shared videos and photographs of her rabbit, Ginny, to prove how able and caring disabled animals can be.

Ginny Rabbit / Caters News

When adopting Ginny in 2012, when she was just three-years-old, she was healthy and didn’t have a head tilt.

However in 2013, Caroline noticed that her bunny had developed a head-tilt – which was likely to have been caused by a parasite that she was born with.

But despite drinking, eating and cuddling with her head tilted, Ginny still does everything that any able rabbit does.

Caroline, from Austin, Texas, said: “Ginny got head tilt in 2013 from a parasite she was likely born with called E. Cuniculi.

“Many bunnies carry it but only about 10% get symptoms like Ginny did – I woke up one morning and her head was sideways.

Ginny Rabbit / Caters News

“It was very scary, but after she received the best medical care she can now run and jump like any other bunny.

“Disabled animals can live fulfilling, happy lives, with the right care and love.

“A lot of people see Ginny and think she should be put down – it’s terrible because they are basing that on her looks because they think she looks ‘broken’.

“But looking ‘broken’ on the outside doesn’t matter if your heart is whole on the inside.

Ginny Rabbit / Caters News

“Caring for a sick pet can seem scary but if your pet is committed to live, have faith in them and be committed to help them.

“I don’t think there is anything more fulfilling that helping someone who is helpless – she has taught me so much about life and adversity – I just feel very thankful I was able to be there for her.

“I love that she never lets anything hold her back – after she got head tilt she had to learn to trust me and within a month she turned fear into friendship.

Ginny Rabbit / Caters News

“Today she snuggles into my hand and runs to me for treats. Seeing Ginny’s heart change and watching her grow has been extremely rewarding!”

You can follow Caroline and Ginny’s adventures over on their Instagram HERE  and Facebook HERE.