By Laura Dale 

Forget about being ON your bike – this photoshoot takes you UNDER it.

A whole range of bikes have been lined up on top of a camera to offer a truly strange perspective.

Andrius Burba / Caters News

The interesting array of bicycles, in different shapes and colours, look oddly thin an alien with just the pedals and handlebars sticking out the sides.

The photographs were taken by Underlook photographer Andrius Burba, 25, as part of a project in Groningen, Netherlands.

Andrius, from Lithuania, said: “This project was born completely unexpectedly.

“A bike shop owner invited us to do it for a bit of fun and turned up at our studio with some of the most interesting bikes.

Andrius Burba / Caters News

“We also had many students bring their bikes in, so it was quiet a relaxing and chilled photoshoot.

“At first I was not sure about it but then I thought about how I never see a bicycle from underneath and considered it might be interesting.

“I’m interested in the underneath perspective of everything, whether it’s a bike or a horse or an elephant.

Andrius Burba / Caters News

“I used to be fashion and advertising photographer for eight years, but two years ago I left that behind me and started photograph everything from underneath.

“There were not many people in the world working from this perspective, so I tried it and fell in love with the results. I think it is an interesting view which you can’t really see and that makes my pictures unseen and new.”