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long hair baby

By Kim Reader

This luscious long hair baby already has a TWO AND A HALF HOUR daily hair regime at just ten weeks old – and she loves a good wash and blow dry.

Mum-of-two Kayleigh Marsh, 22, got the shock of a lifetime when daughter Amelia was born will a full head of hair on December 20 last year.

And the tot, whose dad Jonathan Lunn, 28, has nicknamed her Mr T due to her crazy do, now must have her hair oiled, washed and blow dried every day to keep her mane in check.

Kayleigh, who is also a full-time mum to Megan, three, said her youngest is becoming quite the fan of having her tresses preened – and needs her locks brushing dozens of times a day.

Pic by Michael Scott/Mercury Press

Kayleigh, of Nuneaton, mum of long hair baby, Warks, said: “We got the shock of our lives when she came out and had all this hair.

“The midwife commented on it as soon as her head came out but we couldn’t believe it when she was placed on my chest.

Pic by Michael Scott/Mercury Press(

“We weren’t expecting it at all because Megan was completely bald. Comparing photos of them both as babies is hilarious.

“Since the day she was born it’s just kept growing and growing. It’s growing upwards and outwards. We’ll have to book her in for her first trim soon enough.

Pic by Michael Scott/Mercury Press

“Everyday from day one she has had to have it oiled – with the oil is left in for a bit then combed through – then washed, dried and brushed.

“She absolutely loves being pampered. Her little face when she’s having her hair washed and blow dried is so cute.

“I dread to think what she’ll be like when she’s older. She’s only ten weeks old and she’s already got a strict daily hair regime. She’s going to be so high maintenance.

“When she hasn’t had it washed and everything it forms into a proper Mohican. It is so funny – her dad calls her Mr T because of it.”

Pic by Michael Scott/Mercury Press

Amelia’s fuzzy barnet, which is already long enough to be styled with cute clips and grips, attracts quite a lot of attention.

In total, her routine takes a mammoth two and a half hours to complete – five minutes to apply the oil, two hours to leave it in, two ten minute washes and a five minute blow dry.

Pic by Michael Scott/Mercury Press

The 22-year-old said the amount of time the tot’s long hair needs brushing a day frequently reaches double figures.

Mum Kayleigh said she has heard strangers ‘gasp’ at the sight of her little girl’s adorable mop when she takes off her hat in cafes and restaurants.

Pic by Michael Scott/Mercury Press

While the tot’s sister had no hair at birth, it does seem Amelia’s bountiful locks do run in the family, looking just like her mum Kayleigh when she was born.

Kayleigh said: “Everywhere we go, people are stunned by Amelia’s hair. Friends, family and strangers all come over or comment on it.


Pic by Michael Scott/Mercury Press

“There have been times I’ve gone into a cafe and she’s had a hat on and when I’ve taken off the hat there have been audible gasps from people in the room.

Pic by Michael Scott/Mercury Press

“I don’t think anyone has ever seen such long hair baby before, they can’t believe it.

“But she actually looks just like I did when I was born. She just takes after her mum.”