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By Mollie Mansfield

A group of students have recreated the £7m John Lewis advert in SEVEN HOURS for just £700.

Students at the School of Communication Arts, Brixton, London, were today (November 10) given seven hours to recreate the 2017 infamous advert – but on a budget.

Tim Anderson / Caters News

The team viewed the launch of the advert live at 7.45am and had from then until 3.00pm to create the final video.

This is just a fraction of the time and budget that the original John Lewis advert received – which reportedly cost £7M and took over seven months to produce.

Despite costing a fraction of the price the advert is equally as enjoyable, depicting Moz the snoring monster as a sock puppet creation.

The team have used cardboard backdrops, and props purchased from the high street to recreate the advert on a budget.

Marc Lewis, the head of School of Communication Arts London, said: “To create a budget version of the John Lewis’s showstopper for only £700 is a testament to our students’ and their creative genius.

Tim Anderson / Caters News

“We have some of the brightest young advertising minds of the future at this school – so we’re ecstatic to be given the challenge for a third consecutive year!”

The school, who have also recreated the 2016 ‘Buster the Boxer’ and 2015 ‘On the Moon’ adverts, have regularly received compliments for their previous adverts.

Tim Anderson / Caters News

Phil Le Brun, a student, said: “I loved the advert this year and producing a ‘discount’ version is something we’re all getting into.

“I really hope that everyone enjoys our discount version as much as they’ve enjoyed the original!”

Tim Anderson / Caters News

Alsyha Radia, a student, said: “To be able to reproduce the advert with minimal money shows that you don’t need big advertising budgets to create something amazingly special.

“The John Lewis adverts are always very special and are something I look out for every year – they really do mark the start of Christmas!”

The ‘discount version’ of the advert was created by MyVoucherCode in partnership with School of Communication Arts: