Animals Video

By Bethany Gleave 

This is the moment two battling badgers brought traffic to a standstill – prompting a farmer to record a hilarious but impromptu David Attenborough-style commentary over their scrap in the road.

Stewart Raymond, from Canterbury, Kent, was on his way home last week [Nov 3] when he spotted the two black and white beasts tearing into each other in a violent brawl in the middle of the lane.

The 27-year-old Attenborough fan was not going to miss an opportunity to practice his impression of the respected naturalist and filmed himself give the dual a hilarious voiceover.

Footage shows the ‘vicious’ badgers barely notice the oncoming car or that they were in its headlights as they rolled around biting and throwing each other – apparently for a number of minutes before taking their battle into the bushes.

Stewart said: “I was on my way home from work and was driving through quite a dark woodland patch.

“As I was driving I had no choice but to notice the two badgers as they were right in the middle of the road.

“They were completely blocking me from driving any further so I had to just sit and watch them until they stopped.

“They weren’t interested that I was there they just kept going. They were pretty vicious.

“They were really aggressive and none of them were giving up at all. It was funny to watch as they weren’t bothered that they were blocking the way.

“The badgers were really going for it and they were all over the road. I see things like this all the time so it didn’t surprise me. ”

The farmer admits that he takes any opportunity to use his Attenborough impression and is renowned for regularly sending videos of his ‘mini-documentaries’ to his friends as a joke.

Stewart said: “I always do the Attenborough impression when I come across something that is worth doing it for. It’s just something I do.

“I mostly just send it to my friends though, it never goes any further. They think it’s pretty funny.

“I improvise the whole thing as it’s a spontaneous thing, I never know when I am going to come across something to film.

“I just thought while I’m waiting for them to move out of my way I might as well do something to pass the time.”

In the commentary, Stewart claims the badgers are ‘having it out’ while one is ‘throwing some sh** punches’ and ended up being ‘taken out’.

He eventually concedes ‘this could go on all night’ after the fleeing badgers begin to tussle again.

Despite Attenborough being one of his idols, Stewart was unsure whether the animals were fighting for a mate or as part of the breeding process or even if they were male or female.

Stewart said: “I wasn’t too sure if it was two males fighting over a potential mate or whether it was a male and female and they were in the middle of breeding.

“I always drive this path and I see all sorts. I never saw what happened in the end as they ran off into the trees.

“I’m a huge Attenborough fan. I watch Blue Planet every week and I really enjoy his documentaries. I think he is great.

“I think if he ever saw any of my commentaries he would find them pretty funny and would probably just laugh at my attempts, I’m not as good as he is.”