Animals Video

By Kirstie Sutheran 

This feisty little bird’s pose says OWL take you all on!

The baby spotted eagle owl had just taken its first awkward flight and drifted down from its nest.

Stuck on a patio and incredibly nervous, the youngster tried to come across as a tough guy to ward off predators.

Spotting homeowner Joe Langlois, the owl started clicking his beak, spreading his wings and swaggering toward him.

Joe, from Haenertsburg in South Africa, whipped out his camera and filmed the hilarious strongman act.

Joe said: “These are spotted eagle owls that hatched in an owl box that I installed on a dead tree stump about 50 feet form my deck. There were two chicks.

“Clicking their beaks and making themselves big is a sight I have never seen and I believe this is a show to tell me to stay away. I think it is quite unique.

“After they jump down from the nest they land on the patio because it’s a very convenient landing place from the tree.

“This is their first flight and they then cannot get back up to the box on the tree and they cannot fly that well.

“Later that evening I was looking at one still sitting on my deck waiting to be fed at dark by the parents who are around watching over them.

“Four the past four years they have bred in the same box and they usually stay for one or maybe two days and then they move around the village until they can fly and hunt and then the adults chase them out of the area where they fend for themselves.

“The experience was spectacular and I was on a high for a long time afterwards. I love watching them come in and breed each year and then see the chicks hatch and grow and be fed every night.”