Offbeat Video

By Kirstie Sutheran

Bizarre footage shows a helper vacuuming the pavement in front of rapper Ice-T’s wife and daughter.

While walking down West Broadway in New York, USA, on November 4, Stuart Nasar spotted Coco Austin dressed in a floral tracksuit alongside him.

Before the former glamour model could took any steps forward, an aide dressed in blue suit and black turtleneck vacuums the sidewalk in front of her pink heels to apparently remove any dirt.

With a power pack on his back, the helper moves between the bemused crowd, the 38-year-old actress appears to say: “It’s ok, he’s just trying to get the dirt.”

Stuart, from New Jersey, said: “I found all highly ridiculous but fun at the same time.

“Having spotted them from the shop window where I work, I had to have a closer look.

“Until someone told me it was Coco Austin, I had no idea who she was.

“The whole event seemed to carry on for an hour as she walked along different streets while chatting with admirers.

“To me that is performance art.

“I have a daughter and old friend who are performance artists, and I have participated in such events.”