By Bilal Kuchay

An Indian customer was drenched with boiling oil by the owner of a roadside Chinese eatery because he had complaint about the poor taste and high price of the food.

The incident unfolded when Vicky Mhaske, 17, had gone to Manoj Koliwada Chinese Corner, a famous food joint with his three friends at Ulhasnagar, near Mumbai in western India.

Vicky had ordered snacks but was not happy with the quality of the food. He was also disappointed with the bill and complained the owner Surat Darshan Rai that he was charging more for the tasteless food.

This offended the owner and a heated argument ensued between the two eventually leading to brawl.

To control the situation, the teenager rang his elder brother Deepak. When Deepak confronted the owner, a furious Surat took a jug and poured oil from a pan and splashed it at the brothers.

Deepak was gravely burnt in the incident.

The whole incident was recorded at the CCTV camera installed at the eatery.

GP Thakre, police officer, who is investigating the case said: “The incident took place at a busy eatery- Manoj Koliwada Chinese Corner in the city’s Venus Chowk, which mostly remains crowded.

“At around 11:30 pm on Tuesday night, victim Vicky Mhaske along with three others went to the eatery to have dinner.

“A brawl started between Vicky and the owner after he first complained about the food and then the bill.

“Vicky immediately called up his brother Deepak Mhaske and asked him to reach the spot. In the incident, Deepak  received burn injuries on his face, chest and shoulders.

“However, Vicky has received minor injuries,” police said.

The brothers and their friends were immediately rushed to a private hospital  where they are currently undergoing treatment.

Police had lodged an FIR and arrested Surat and one of his workers in the matter.

Mr Thakre said: “We have arrested the eatery owner, Surat, and one of the workers at the eatery, Bola Prasad Rai.

“We are investigating the case and action will be taken against those who were involved in it.”