By Lauren Fruen 

FORGET a five-star rating when you are looking to book your holidays – this spot can boast that it is a five million star hotel.

The Bubble in Iceland puts you smack back in the middle of nature with nothing between you and the stars but your room’s clear walls.

Pic by Caters News

And for a lucky few it provides unrivalled views of the Northern Lights.

The 5 Million Star Hotel founder Robert Robertsson said he was inspired to create the clear walled rooms after speaking with travellers fed up of waiting in the cold to see the natural phenomenon.

In the summer the pods  – which cost around £200 a night – allow visitors to get close to nature.

Each bubble – around an hour outside Reykjavik – is heated and alone with a shared bathroom and kitchen.

Pic by Caters News

To maintain privacy the company do not provide the exact address of our bubbles until after you have booked.

A spokesman said: “Let your childhood dream of sleeping in nature become reality.

“Enjoy the Aurora & stars in the winter and the midnight sun & nature in the summer.

Pic by Caters News

“The bubble structure is kept inflated by a slight over-pressure from a noiseless ventilation system.

“It permanently renews the air inside two to seven times the volume per hour and this way it prevents humidity. The system has heating elements with a thermostat so the bubble stays warm all winter.”